House Rules

This page is a enumeration of all the optional and house rules this Tianxia game will be using.

The goal of these choices are as follows.
  • Streamline game play
  • Reduce roles during play
  • Make the GM’s life easier

Dramatic Initiative

The full dramatic initiative rules are on page 147(148 of the PDF). In short instead of rolling or using the static numbers the person who it makes the most sense goes first. Then the player who just went decides who goes next. All GM characters go at the same time. If you have a stunt that allows you to use a different skill for initiative you may interrupt the turn order. This concept is discussed here Popcorn Initiative

Chi Armor
Instead of Chi Armor being determined by a Chi roll at the beginning of combat it will be determined by your Rank. This will be determined as per the table on page 7 of the Tianxia rules. The complete table is listed below for reference.

Jianghu Rank How Good is Your Kung Fu? Movement Bonus Chi Armor Invocation
0 Knows No Kung-Fu None None
1 Knows one or more Kung-Fu Styles +1 zone 1 per conflict
2 Has Mastered one Style of Kung-Fu or knows at least 8 Techniques in two or more Styles (Including Lost Techniques) +1 zone 2 per conflict
3 Has Mastered two or more Styles or Master of one style and knows 12 total Techniques (including Lost Techniques) +2 zones 3 per conflict
4 Grandmasters Only. Legendary immortals and users of some powerful forbidden Lost Techniques are rumored to occupy this rank as well. +2 zones 3 per conflict

House Rules

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