Ten thousand years ago, the Great Dragon Yifu was friends with the mortal Cheng Man-Ch’ing the Master of Five Excellences. They had a long and wonderful friendship, but like all things in this world it was fleeting. One day Yifu went to see his old friend and was given sad news. While mourning the lose of his friend Yifu meditated on how best to honor his great friends memory.

While thinking on his friend the great dragons mind wandered to the arts his compatriot loved painting, calligraphy, poetry, martial arts, and medicine. It was then inspiration struck the dragon he would found a school to teach the arts his friend loved so much. Yifu gathered together spirits, immortals, beasts, and mortals to found this excellent academy.

Over time the school grew into the sprawling grounds it is today. Those hallowed halls have born witness to countless sagas. Tales of gods, demons, mortals, and lowly spirits. This is just another tale.

The School of Five Excellences is a tabletop roleplaying game using Tianxia: Blood, Silk, and Jade. It will follow the adventures of a group of students as they go through the grueling curriculum,

The School of Five Excellences

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